About Kotak Network

What is Kotak Network?

Kotak Network is a network enabled of cube shops and their vendors to go online and sell their products.

This network is developed and designed to assist cube shops and their vendors to bring their business online as fast and as easy as possible without them handling all the technical stuff. This includes:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Database hardening
  • Server management
  • Firewall rules and filter
  • Backups and Recovery
  • Update patches and upgrades to server operating systems and its services
  • Etc…

This is a headache to a lot of entrepreneurs where their focus should be on selling more and making customers happy.

Benefits of joining Kotak Network

Kotak Network doesn’t just provide an online platform for cube shops to promote their vendors’ products. Kotak provides a full turn-key solution to the definition of e-Commerce and running a business.

Cube shops and Vendors will enjoy:

  • Import and Export products into sheets
  • Generate reports of what products are really selling (and what products aren’t).
  • Get detailed online traffic statistics to visitors
  • Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Enrollment for the eCommerce Night School to learn the tips and tricks of managing eCommerce and get more sales
  • And more to come!